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Thank you for visiting the website of for Kaleigh, Shane and Marci for Mental Health Awareness. We are a New Hampshire-based non-profit organization, which is also known as "Keep Sound Minds."  This site and our organization are dedicated to the memories of Kaleigh and Shane Lambert and Marci Thibault, whose lives were lost as a result fo mental illness on January 11, 2008.

We hope to prevent similar incidents from occurring by improving society's understanding and management of mental health issues. If you support our goals and wish to be notified of our orgnazation's progress, please contact us to be put on our mailing list.

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Our Mission

Keep Sound Minds holds education and training sessions on mental health awareness. Our most recent session on October 28, 2014 was at the University of New Hampshire and featureed  Senator Senator Kelly Ayotte and Ms New Hampshire 2004, Megan Cooley.

OUR MISSION We hope to prevent similar incidents from occurring by improving society’s understanding and management of mental health issues. 

 Our goal is to put an end to these staggering statistics, and help people and families dealing with mental illness to realize that there is hope. If the mental health issue is properly diagnosed and treated, people have a greater chance of living healthy, productive lives to their fullest potential.
On the evening of January 11th, 2008, Kaleigh and Shane Lambert, along with their aunt Marci Thibault, lost their lives due to an unimaginable incident on a Massachusetts highway. Our love of all three has motivated us to form this organization, Keep Sound Minds. We will do all we can to increase awareness about the importance of education and improved treatment of mental illness. Most importantly, we want everyone to understand that Marci Thibault was a loving and caring person who always wanted to help others. Marci enjoyed children very much and worked as a daycare provider, field hockey & gymnastics coach. Everyone who knew her realized that Marci was generous, sincere and always thought of others before herself. In her right mind, Marci would never think of hurting herself or another human being, especially her beloved niece and nephew. The highway incident was the result of Marci experiencing a sudden, unexpected psychotic or delusional relapse. Marci and our young children, along with our entire family have suffered the consequences of misunderstood, unrecognized serious mental illness. We believe flawed policies and lack of information and education regarding mental health contributed to this tragedy. The goal of Keep Sound Minds is to change that. With increased knowledge of the complexities of the mind through education and research, many lives could be improved and saved. Sincerely, Keep Sound Minds  

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