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Mental Illness or Mental Health Concerns

Increase general public awareness and education of mental health issues by including Mental health education in the curriculum of public schools, as well as collaborating with school counselors.
What is a Mental Health Concern?

Signs of Mental Illness

While it is normal to experience short-term changes in mood and feelings, symptoms persisting longer than 1-2 months indicate medical attention is appropriate
Signs of Mental Illness

Mental Health Statistics

Alarming Stats -- Our goal is to put an end to these staggering statistics, and help people and families dealing with mental illness to realize that there is hope. If the mental health issue is properly diagnosed and treated, people have a greater chance of living healthy, productive lives to their fullest potential.

Mental Health Resources

Links to Mental Health Organizations and Tools to Help You Connect and Find Answers.

KSM Co-Founder invited as guest lecturer

at Middlesex Community College - Bedford campus

Ken Lambert spoke in front of the Introduction to Human Services class on November 1, 2012.
He discussed how KSM was formed, what its goals are, and how and why the current mental health system is broken.

Practical Answers: What to do if Someone You Care for has Severe Mental Illness


Keep Sound Minds is helping Law Enforcement and First Responders to recognize and know what actions they should take when they encounter a situation involving members of our communities who are troubled by mental health issues, to minimize the risk to our loved ones from becoming victims to unnecessary tragedies.

Help us help those who are suffering from mental illness find the help they need.

Help us to ease the pain of families whose loved ones are struggling with mental health issues.

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